Yacht Charter Fethiye
Yacht Charter Fethiye

Yacht Charter Fethiye

one of the most delightful yachting holiday concepts, Starting from Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek, Fethiye, or Antalya are your options, where there are international airports accessible from all over Europe.

Yacht charter Fethiye alternatives for blue cruises, usually weekly yacht rental Fethiye, Gocek, Marmaris, Bodrum, destinations.

Fethiye was known as Telmessos in the ancient times and was the most important city situated on Lycia’s western border with Caria. It is beleived that the city’s name comes from Appolon’s son Telmessos. By its name the city was the city of light and was famous for its prophets. Fethiye stretches in a half circle along the bay protected by 12 islands.

Nowadays Fethiye is a friendly harbour town with waterfront boulevard and the center which are full of restaurants, caffes, bars and shops selling everything from carpets to sweets and spices and they are easy to use for pedestrians.

With a luxury yacht charter in Turkey enjoy a relaxed sailing holiday in the gulf of Fethiye with short passages and protected anchorages. it is a yachtsman’s paradise with many sheltered anchorages, coves and islands with crystal clear water and protected bays for a tranquil night on anchor.

With yacht charter Fethiye there are so many beautiful places nearby to visit and you will be amazed with these lovely waters of Turquoise Coast. They reflects the wonderful shades of blue, the sea and the sky and green colour of the coasts covered with pine trees.

There is a huge number of little islands closed by, among many of uninhabited rocks there is a well known Tersane Island, which formerly was used by Ottoman Navy. In more recent times it was occupied by the Greeks who left when the Turkish Republic was formed in 1923. The remains – ruins of old houses, churches and tombs are worth exploring.

Butterfly Valley is also very close. The Valley gets its name from the huge amount of butterflies found for just a few short weeks in mid-summer. It is best approached by sea and definitely should be included in yacht charter Fethiye root program. Butterfly Valley is effectively a 4 kilometres long canyon with couple of waterfalls and a stream running down to the sea, with the sides as high as 400 metres.

Babadag Mountain towers above the Valley and you can see many brave people doing paragliding from 2000 metres high all the way down to the beach and the sea.

Oludeniz with its turquoise waters is unique and definitely worth seeing.

If with yacht charter Fethiye go to the east direction you will be able to see Patara Beach – 12 kilometers long and sandy. To go even further you will meet with Kalkan and Kas, small resorts built in the mountains.

The alternative itinerary is to go west beyond Gocek to Iztuzu Beach where there is a nesting area for the endangered loggerhead turtle, caretta caretta.

With luxury yacht charter Fethyie you will have an itinerary to follow though there might be some flexibility.

For Collect Memories

We kindly ask our guests to make their choices in terms of date, number of people, or number of cabins and budget, and enjoy our services with unforgettable memories.The concept of a holiday is perceived as an escape from a busy and stressful lifestyle. We have many experienced guests who used to organize their yacht charter and holiday-related events for at least 6 months ahead and decide on the alternative yachts which are suitable for their budget. The most important point is the diversity at sea, especially on yacht charter Fethiye, which makes each meal and every bay unique on its own.

We suggest you decide on your holiday yacht charter Fethiye period and let us know the number of cabins you need and we shall take care of the rest to propose you different alternative yachts for charter which are available for the said period.