Private Yacht Charter Bodrum

Turkish Riviera spreads over the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean and  Aegean sea. southwestern coastal waters of Anatolia shines with 300 sunny days.

This is what really distinguishes Turkish Riviera from other Mediterranean European coastal cities . Cruising in the Turkish Riviera on board your private yacht charter in bodrum is a real fascination.

Private Yacht Charter Bodrum

The Greek Islands are only a few hours from Turkey. You can take advantage of the opportunity and cruise on board of your bodrum yacht charter bodrum in the Turkish Riviera and Greek Islands simultaneously.

There is one important thing to know about Turkey which is much closer to Dodecanese Greek Islands than that of Greece.  Private yacht Charter Bodrum
However, you need to pay extra fees for your cruising in the Greek Islands because you are crossing the territorial  waters of both countries , Greece and Turkey.

Private Yacht Charter Bodrumcaptain and the crew will do everything possible for you and your loved ones while cruising and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Turkish riviera onboard 
pleasecall us when you need extra information for your cruising in the Turkish Riviera or Greek Islands on board of your private yacht charter bodrum. You can send us an email about your date preferences in order to confirm availability and to be able to propose you alternative yachts … private yacht charter bodrum.